This work contains two media: a setting on the wall and a book. They have some papers. All the pages record the texture of the the government building facades’ of Ankara (capital city of Turkey) by frottage method. In this manner, a memory book is

formed titled; “Memory of Alteration”. Sometimes by locating the pages on the wall, the artwork transforms the facades into pages of the book. 


Selected for “New Generation Young Contemporary Artist from Turkey” competition which is organized by Cite de Enternational Paris and  Maçka Art Gallery (Finalist work)


Exhibited in Od'A-Ouvroir d'Art, İstanbul/Turkey

Chancery 1-2



Cut out plate paper and lawsuit file


These works are uniting the government buildings and the materials of government bureaucracy. Transforming the characteristics of government institutions from a building to a logbook. By cutting the gaps of negativity of those buildings on the materials, the art works try to show the gaze of the “government” on us. 


Selected for “Siemens Borders and Orbits 15-16” compitition

Exhibited in Tütün Deposu, İstanbul/ Turkey

Different size cut out plate papers


Exhibited in Solo Show in Hush Gallery in İstanbul / Turkey

 Unconditional Acceptance Monument



Installation (frottaged paper, projection)

45 cm x 70 cm



The work monumentalizes the memory of playgrounds which

embodies the knowledge of coexistence culture by recording

them using the frottage method. Considering the fact that

playgrounds are the most effective public spaces where the

dynamics of coexistence function without trouble, textures of

playgrounds such as the floors, walls and toys in multicultural

neighborhoods such as Yeldegirmeni, Balat etc in Istanbul are

scanned on a one-piece, long paper. Then this paper is folded and rotated 360 degrees to develop an attachment to its surrounding. With all their memory, dynamics and generosity, playgrounds give in their space to a monument on this paper. Through this monument, the secret knowledge of our survival becomes unvarnished.


Selected for Ministry of Culture Contemporary Art Award 

Exhibited in CerModern , Ankara / Turkey 

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