A4 Series



Oil on canvas

These works comprise of folding paper images while using architectural media images and move to objects in different kind of non-places.

Based on media and assimilative illusion, the works aim to encourage us to challenge the accuracy of the ideals of modernism and to make us aware how these idealizations might end up dictating our lives. The reasons of how the masses are enchanted by the comfort of this “transcendence” is communicated by giving the viewer responsibility of apprehending the images at their own risk.

Exhibited in Space Debris Art Gallery, 2017




Frottaged papers on the canvas


The work transforms the canvas into the self proclaimed art object, based on the ontology on canvas. Textures of canvas' fabric and chassis were recorded on the papers by the frottage method. Afterwards the papers were transformed into the book on the canvas. In this way, canvas' space evolved to book's space which represented own semblance.

(In Luciano Benetton, Imago Mundi Project collection)

Absolut Corners



Oil on canvas

These seven paintings represent one paper image which is folded to double by seven times. The seven number is the absolut count while folding one paper to double... There is no oportunity to fold paper more then seven times, and this experience is turning the corners into absolut count on the paper... 2 dimensional corners, like an element which generate the duality of existance in one of creation theory, also a kind of  abstract "différance" in Derrida's deconstruction...

The Mandalas



Frottaged canvas

Different sizes


This occupation discovers different examples of manhole cover as infrascructure of urban (Istanbul) . Furthermore scans the textures of covers by frottage method on the canvas fabric. In this manner, had recorded the memory of urban’s old infrastructure before the Istanbul's regeneration. Afterwards, the manhole covers transform the frottaged fabric into canvas on the wall and the images were sublimated in White Cube.


Selected for “Siemens Borders and Orbits 17” competition

Exhibited in Tütün Deposu, İstanbul / Turkey





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