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These drawings are approaching to identity building of republican Turkey based on iconic images in the early times of Turkish Republic's publication and eximining the didactic codes of society engineering which is realized in an attempt to build new national identity in that era.

In there, we are seeing dynamic, assertive and modern woman body examples which are representing the new face of new country. The images are recunstructing the "liaising" and "movement" ideals while pointing repeatition, iteration notions which feel epic and ritmic features of "liaising" and "movement" ideals and then turning them into columns as a constructive elements.







Ink on the paper

Different sizes



The artworks contain the drawing about a novel. The novel is the important and first source about Turkish Modernity. It calls
“Ankara”. At the same time, Ankara is the names of the capital of Turkey. The novel describes the interior and exterior design
reform in Turkey at that time. Drawings imagine the early examples of Turkish Modernity and loan some phrases from the novel.




Mürekkeb / Inked



Chromatogrophy on paper


Avantgarde goverment buildings were occured, when the capital of Turkey constructed in the early times of republic. The artworks show us the facialization of the new regime in the country. The drawings present the decadence of national doctrine through buildings facades. And the drawings are terminated by chromatography method. Chromatography is a chemical process which keeps continuing for days after it has been applied. The text on the drawings comprise ironic quotes from the life doctrines of weekly magazines in mentioned era.


Exhibited in "Fine Tuned and Multiple" group exhibition in Kuad Gallery    İstanbul / Turkey